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  • Nicole Armit

My Voice. My Truth. My Story. Goothala Doyle.

NAIDOC week, July 7-14.

Voice. Treaty. Truth.

Let’s work together, for a shared future.

Indigenous Australia is a people who are the oldest continuing culture in the world, well over 65,000 thousand years old. In this 6 part series, in celebration of NAIDOC week, I share the voices of 5 of my Aboriginal brothers and sisters. Be inspired, and listen to the richness in what they have to share.

Goothala Doyle with one of his Didgeridoos at the Starlight Festival. Photo: Byron Echo

"My name is Goothala Doyle. My Songlines would begin with the mouth of the Brisbane River being the head of the snake with its forked tongue going out to the two islands, Moreton and Stradbroke, and then enfolding back on itself north of the Logan River, and south of the Caboolture River.

Weaving all the way out to the Toowoomba range. The language spoken there stems off the Yugarabul language groups. It then goes into Yarrowair country, which starts at the Toowoomba Ranges, and works its way past Dalby and towards Chinchilla. That also goes North West into the Bunya Mountains, then from the Bunyas to Eidesvale. That’s Wakka Wakka country.

Then from Eidesvale to Theodore, that is Wulli Wulli country. From the Iman people at Theodore Creek to Carnarvon Gorge. From there we direct towards the Ungarry speaking people, at the Yumba, Mitchell.

I work with individuals and groups, and let’s be clear about that, it is made of all peoples of all nations. This assists the Spirit of the country, and the Spirit of this earth in creating and recreating its people. Regarding decolonisation and de-labelling, ourselves from the human conditioning that we define ourselves by, so that we can return back to our true selves.

I hold these gatherings around the country, or where I am invited to do so. By helping others with what some may call healing and decolonisation history within our country, as well as exploring traditional knowledge of this land, including ceremony, art, community, lore (not law), and to help reconnect on a deeply conscious level with nature.

More than 90% of the population think cultural healing is a form of Reiki, but it is far from it. I would also like to see more people who are seeking to be more conscious, to do so without mind altering substances.


Goothala Doyle is a Dreamtime healer, actor, traditional craftsman/artisan, cultural educator, and activist, and presented in 2017 at the World First Nations traditional knowledge conference. Goothala Doyle’s country and people are Yugarabul; he was first recognised as the first Aboriginal person to successfully sue the Queensland police department in the 1980s. He was chosen to represent Australia and protest against the French nuclear testing in the South Pacific, alongside representatives of first nations peoples of the South Pacific. He travelled to Canada for the First Nations Round Table Festival in Vancouver. Goothala has worked at a grassroots level in the Aboriginal communities of Napranum and Aurukun. He has worked in many roles from homeland movement to community place officer. Goothala worked as a youth officer and then community partnerships officer for Education Queensland. He has acted in a few movies. He lives a semi-traditional life and has had no fixed address for many years, even when being involved in the systems of government and industry. He has worked for education and environmental centres, conducted weaving, didgeridoo, bush tukka and medicine walks, and talks on country. Goothala currently delivers authentic cultural education circles, called Spirit Circles Ancient Wisdom all over Australia.

You can contact and connect with Goothala through:

Goothala preparing for the smoke cleansing ceremony with Spirit Circles Ancient Wisdom. Photo credit: Nicole Armit

Written by Nicole Armit, The Mindfoodie.

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