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About Nicole

How I can help you transform your current situation or challenge
in person
(Brisbane Australia) or online...


  • Womb & Fertility Healing

  • Healing from toxic relationships

  • Self love and transitions in life

  • Clearing dark energies & repeating patterns

  • Practitioner Mentoring-guiding you to be a healer

  • Remote/Online Healing work globally

  • Healing for your pet

  • Clearing Energy from your Home, Land, Business.

  • Shamanic Guided Healing Meditation Sessions

  • Intuitive Astrology Natal Chart Readings (Recorded) 


A little more of my story.
You will be sharing yours after all too...and creating a new one!

Ready to journey with me?

Life is in constant movement and change, it makes sense we get support while we navigate big life challenges, particularly those that can shake our foundations.


 To uplevel, we need the right kind of support and experience that addresses ALL areas of our life...

That's where I come in to your story...

I am a healer, coach and teacher who helps women transform through challenges in their lives with a connected mind, body and spirit in a nurturing, heart-connected way.


I work alongside you in this deep journey of healing and transformation with ancient wisdom and modern tools, to help navigate your own creational life, directed by the voice of your spirit, with grounded clarity and awareness-as well as tangible strategies in this.


With over 20 years in the field of health, wellness and healing with clients and health practitioners both in Australia and overseas - I have trained and experienced in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Meditation, Holographic Kinetics (Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing), Massage Therapies, Setai, Trauma Informed Healing,  Evolutionary Astrology, Wannai Women’s 9 month Program with Grandmother’s Lore, Energy Medicine Room Healing, Medicine Wheel Facilitation, Spiritual Alchemy Practitioner Training, and Spiritual Coaching online, in groups, or in person.

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