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Finding Your Unique Voice in the World-Youth Mentorship Program

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A little more of my story.
You will be sharing yours after all too...and creating a new one!

Ready to journey with me?

I have spent most of my time in the field of health, wellness and healing for over 20 years with clients and practitioners both in Australia and overseas. 

I have trained and experienced in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Holographic Kinetics (Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing), Business, Marketing, PR, Social Media and more...and have spent several years studying Evolutionary Astrology.

Integrating deep healing work, mindset and awareness through a more connected, embodied life, I will work with you in this deep journey of healing and transformation with your own universal map through ancient wisdom and modern tools, so that you can navigate your own life, directed by the voice of your spirit, with a wider vision and awareness. To develop a deeper love and understanding of who you are.

When we are aligned, our world around us begins to reflect this inner transformation.

I love spending time in nature, around art, music, cultures, travel as connecting with beloved and new friends of all ages and backgrounds, family and fur children. I am a classically trained chef with a passion for health and healing. My biggest passion is to nurture others, and to teach them to do the same for themselves.

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