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  • Nicole Armit

Eating well is a spiritual practice.

Eating well is a form of spiritual practice. It is a form of respect and love for the vessel we are in.

Our bodies are incredibly complex. I’ve been involved in natural medicine & good nutrition personally and for my work for over 20 years, and still learn, wonder and am in constant awe at how truly amazing the body is.

Taking the time to be respectful to our bodies, minds and spirits is integrated in everything we do, think, say and ingest physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We cannot function in our optimum capacity if aspects of our selves, any part, is ignored or neglected.

It creates imbalance.

I know this because I’ve experienced this in my own life and health-through illness, and observed this in thousands of clients I have witnessed over those years. It is the basic philosophy and wisdom of indigenous and eastern knowledge that has been in practice for many thousands of years.

Self care is about bringing balance, harmony and nurturing of ourselves far beyond the superficial level. Our daily practices bring form to new ways of BE-ing that unfold into much healthier pathways when we show our bodies we are listening to what it says to us.

Taking the time to connect, breathe, acknowledge.

Our spirit responds in kind.

How could you show up for you better each day?

Start your day in one small way, one small change, that you can show YOU, you are completely worth it.

So much love to you. To yourself give love.

Love Nic x

Salad recipe details below.

Nic's Sunday Summer Salad

Nic's Sunday Summer Salad

Gluten free | Dairy Free | Vegan

5-10 minutes preparation time

Rocket leaves

Spinach leaves

Snow pea sprouts

Lebanese Cucumber

Kalamata olives

Roasted red capsicum

Roma & cherry tomatoes


Spoonful of cashew cheese (Fermented)


Hemp seeds

Fresh mango slices (Use seasonal fruit where you live)

Dukkah (Homemade native lemon myrtle & black sesame)

Drizzled with hemp oil

Lemon juice

Healthy loving food!

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