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  • Nicole Armit

Full Moon in Capricorn June 21st & Solstice Blessings

Happy Winter/Summer Solstice for the 20th!

How are you travelling? We start to shift energies with Venus (Planet of love, beauty, harmony) in Cancer until July 11th. 

We may ask …what do we truly want in a relationship? 

This is a time of relational & emotional maturation…reminding us of our self value which increases the quality of our relationships (all kinds)…

Will it bring us emotional security & feelings of comfort and healing? 

Where do we need to do the healing of our own inner Mother (Cancer) and Father (Capricorn) - which may require help of some kind? 

Many of us act often in ways that are from our unmet needs of our inner child.

We see this the world over-especially in “leadership,” interpersonal relationships, and workplace dynamics, even with how we view the world. It’s deep in the subconscious mind and sometimes the father or mother dynamic is played out unconsciously through our partner or even boss!

Some further play out their child even with their adult children/siblings (or vice versa) and throwing adult tantrums or silent treatment when their needs aren’t met

or they disagree…

Keep nurturing the soul's desire for giving and receiving love & know you're always in a safe space, you are capable of healing and CHANGE.

It’s time to DO the inner child work, to DO the ancestral healing-so many of us carry inter-generational trauma we assume are our OWN issues!

This is always done lovingly and with compassion of course…and is a most favourite work-so check out my two offers BELOW for July to support you with this process…

Check out this week’s POTENT Full Moon in Capricorn -in fact we have a second Full moon in July in Capricorn-so the lessons will be extra potent. The key message of this moon is below for you...

So much to love…

Love Nic x

Happy birthday to all the Cancerians out there!

If you have a Cancer Sun and you have any kind of full price service with me over your birthday season until July 22nd, enjoy $20 off! 

To book your session with me for this OFFER click here or message me directly.

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