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  • Nicole Armit

Healing our animal friends

Our animal family members and fur kids are an integral part of our lives. Like us, they have a Spirit, and like us- they have emotional lives with the impacts of trauma, illness or phobias that effect their wellbeing. Rescue animals are mostly all affected, as they had experienced the trauma of leaving a previous owner, or an abusive situation, which unfortunately can affect them deeply.

We have so many animals with separation anxiety disorders like humans do, and more.

A common issue is our pets often absorb our emotional realities which do indeed effect them-they are an intelligent and emotional being after all-they just can't speak about it!

So what happens in a healing session?

Before the session I will ask a few questions on what effects are concerning you with your pet. The session will involve me connecting to the spirit of your animal, tuning into all fields of their being, and relating the information back, along with the metaphysical healing information.

Often there will be recommendations and changes suggested, (you as the caretaker have an active role too), sometimes there is a message about what your pet does or does not like.

I have worked on cats, dogs, horses, a donkey, camel, chickens, ducks, geese, injured wildlife, and even a peacock.

It doesn’t matter - each little one has their own unique imprint just like we do.

Recently we assisted a beautiful horse who sustained an injury so bad that he was to be euthanised-and much to the surprise a week later after the session, the veterinarian declared that the horse would survive-and that it was a miracle!

More and more of us realise the sentient awareness of our friends on the planet experience alongside us - and their capacity to heal just as much as we can.

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