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My Voice. My Truth. My Story. Amanda Foy

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

NAIDOC week, July 7-14.

Voice. Treaty. Truth.

Let’s work together, for a shared future.

Indigenous Australia is a people who are the oldest continuing culture in the world, well over 65,000 thousand years old. In this 6 part series, in celebration of NAIDOC week, I share the voices of 5 of my Aboriginal brothers and sisters. Be inspired, and listen to the richness in what they have to share.

Amanda Foy - The Emotional Strength Trainer. NAIDOC week 2019

I didn't find out about my Aboriginal Heritage until I was in my 30s. We'd always been brought up we were part Maori. Turns out it was a historically significant lie that was born from a dynamic gene pool that allowed my great grandmother to convince authorities she was Maori, so they wouldn't take her kids from her after she married a white New Zealander. They all moved from Braidwood, New South Wales to Queensland, and left the connection to the Yuin People there where it began.

I remember the day I finally got all the dots to connect and I rang my dad and asked him if he was sitting down and spelled out what my research unveiled. So many things fell into place. 

For me personally, my heritage has shown up in a very unique and special way. Unfortunately in the early days of me connecting to my unique heritage, I had an old indigenous school friend reach out and tell me I had to choose. I couldn't be indigenous and a white Australian. She said, "you can't be both."  In 2009, I decided I could.

My ability to see emotional trauma stuck in the bodies of my clients, I believe, is the one true connection I have to my ancestors. For 10 years I have been developing my unique energy therapy to support people all over the world to be released from their emotional trauma.

As a proud descendent of the Yuin people (as well as a few other genetic threads), and as a proud Australian, I also chose to take on the role of the voice of reason in helping people to understand the pathways trauma has taken that contributes to the evidence that is the reason behind the Close the Gap priority. You hear our elders talk of the traumas. It is real because it's existing in the cells of their body.

In my work, I specialise in the emotional immune system. Educating about the trio of health, and providing a healing modality that removes the trauma, and to allow your free will to make better choices for yourself. 

My greatest dream is for this energy therapy to be as mainstream as going to the doctor for a check up.  I will use my voice to speak the truth of emotional trauma to unite us in the bounds of a solemn treaty that acknowledges the trauma, and removes the pain so the wisdom of, "never again" can take it's place. In all regards to life


The global voice of the Emotional Immune System, Amanda Foy has found the missing link to why life isn't going to plan and why things don't change for the long term. Working with Amanda will change everything if you're ready to do the work. She is an independent researcher studying all aspects of fear and it's impact on the emotional immune system. She provides action driven solutions that help people cope with life and reduce suffering. Amanda has been assisting others around the world with her online community since 2009, holds an annual retreat in Fiji, and this year her beautiful clinic, Newtown Natural Health first opened it's doors. Amanda lives with her family in Ipswich, Brisbane.

Connect with Amanda:

Newtown Natural Health 5/43 Brisbane Road, Newtown

Written by Nicole Armit, The Mindfoodie.

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