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  • Nicole Armit

Eating well on any budget

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

A healthy mind, body and spirit starts with taking care of our human body...

Some days it feels like the noise of how to eat well, and what to eat becomes overwhelming.

We all would love to eat organic food just plucked out of the earth, or from a tree, however, there also may constraint of budget or land space to grow our own food. Some facts we need to be aware of are:

There is no doubt the science behind good nutrition, starting with our food choices.

The impact on a healthy gut biome (diet and lifestyle directly influence this) which effects our moods and brain function.

The impact of nutrition to prevent many diseases and health conditions.

The impact of our energy levels effected by what we choose to eat.

The science behind consuming less.

The impact on the environment with our consumer choices.

So, what are some of the ways we can navigate this to eat well, within a budget?

Here are some tips:

  • Menu plan for each week to minimise food waste.

  • Make sure you have a selection of healthy snack options always on hand.

  • Get up early and head to your local markets.

  • Buy direct from your local farmer.

  • Join a local produce co-op to buy fresh in season produce economically.

  • Buy fresh produce in season. Freeze/preserve what you can if not using immediately.

  • Buy in bulk, and find a friend or two to split these purchases with.

  • Grow your own: Fresh herbs; salad greens in pots; sprouts.

  • Find a local community garden to grow with others, and share produce.

  • Cook soups, stews and casseroles in bulk, and freeze for work/instead of takeaways.

  • Find a friend you can exchange a few meals with, for variety for you both.

  • Rotate dinner parties with friends (old and new), where everyone brings a healthy meal/course to share instead of eating out.

  • Eat more vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, quinoa, teff, legumes and wholefoods.

  • Eat no/less red meat, dairy, and limit chicken and seafood portions to palm size.

  • Try making your own fermented foods such as kombucha, kraut, pickles, kefir, injera, and more. Share with friends.

  • Eat more quality fats, such as hemp or coconut seed oil, free range eggs, avocados.

  • Introduce new recipes, new spices and herbs you may not have tried before for inspiring new flavours and nutritional variety that are kind to your budget and health.

  • Quit sugar, or limit to an occasional treat. (High source of inflammation/related diseases and health issues.)

  • Limit/No alcohol. (Ultimately alcohol is a poison to the body, and the biggest cause of inflammation leading to most modern diseases. It is also a depressant.)

  • Avoid or occasional refined/processed foods - cakes, biscuits, breads, pasta.

  • Investigate intermittent fasting for enormous health benefits and to reduce the amount of food you consume. (Many of us eat far too much in the west)

  • Be aware of the dirty dozen of fresh produce, those that are most heavily sprayed with poisons with modern farming practices. Link to article

You really can make a difference.

Whether you are a university student, single parent, or time-poor professional, you can become more effective in your food choices, consumption, and make a difference to both your health, the environment and your budget.

About Nicole, The Mindfoodie.

Nicole is an Australian born practitioner trained in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Holographic Kinetics and more, who has worked in the health, marketing and business for over 20 years with individuals, businesses and teams.

Nic loves spending time regularly in nature, around art, music and different cultures, and adores to travel, and connecting with beloved and new friends of all ages and backgrounds, family and fur children. She is a classically trained chef with a passion for health and healing, and makes a pretty damn good paella outside of Spain.

To connect with Nicole, visit her website, or follow her on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Copyright of N.Armit @Themindfoodie

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